If you live in the Parish of Hednesford and want to book a Baptism (Christening) please come to St. Peter's Church on a the Second Thursday Evening of every month at 7.00 p.m. and during this time we will have Baptism preparation and at the end of the evening there will be a chance for those who wish to book a Baptism to do so with members of our Baptism team, who will be able to tell you the available dates for Baptisms within the Parish. 

Below you will find our Baptism Policy a copy of which will be given to you when you book the Baptism:

  Hednesford Parish

 Baptism Policy

The Incumbent (Vicar) and the P.C.C. of Hednesford Parish seek to serve the community of Hednesford with an Open Baptism Policy, which asks for a level of commitment from those seeking to have a child baptised or those seeking adult baptism for themselves.


1.          Initial contact –

Baptism preparation and booking in

 Second Thursday Evening of the month 7p.m. – 8.30 p.m.

at St. Peter’s Church.

(An alternative service of Thanksgiving will be offered for those who are not sure if they are able to make a commitment as outlined  below.)

2.          Attendance at Church –

On FOUR occasions leading up to the Baptism service (not to include the Baptism service)

3.          Baptism Preparation –

Those to be baptised should attend a Baptism Preparation evening on the Second Thursday of the month.

4.          Church Welcome –

On the Sunday after the Baptism, parents and child/children to attend the 10 a.m. service to receive a lighted Baptism Candle and to be welcomed into the Church.

5.          Baptisms –

take place at St Peter's Church, Church Hill, Hednesford.